Established in 2006, PAMCO is one of the first security fund management companies in Vietnam. Its chartered capital has grown from 11 billion VND initially to 35 billion VND now, after 8 years of development. The company is licensed to provide a full range of services including fund management, portfolio management and investment consultancy. Currently operating with a new model, PAMCO has fully utilized its resources, experience, prestige, financial strength and strategic partnerships with large financial institutions, which has created its competitive advantage in Vietnam financial market.

Our precept is being safe and efficient towards sustainable development. We create effective investment portfolios with lowest possible risks for the investors, develop effective investment strategies and consistently deploy them in the most efficient way, even in a fluctuating market. In addition, we believe that a solid relationship with investors and partners is the best approach to efficient operation activities and value adding investments.

In portfolio management, PAMCO offered specialized services for wealthy individual and institutional investors in order to maximize profits and minimize risks through investment trust. At the end of 2013, PAMCO has managed portfolios with total value of more than 1,500 billion VND in various industries such as energy, oil, finance and real estate.

In investment consultancy, PAMCO operates with high professional ethical standards and a strict internal control system. To achieve the best performance, in addition to research on macro economy, markets, sectors and companies, we also established relationship with investors and making them strategic partners of PAMCO, creating networks between corporations. We also help corporations to restructure financially, develop governance systems and improve their competitive capacities.

In fund management, to meet demand of investors, PAMCO has been getting ready for the establishment of our first open-ended fund at the end of 2013. Preparations in both legal requirements and IT system have been made to meet the requirement of new products’ transactions. We are confident of the new investment opportunities coming from new financial products in Vietnam market. Open-ended fund will overcome the disadvantages of close-ended fund, create new opportunities for assurance and social security and diversify investment products. We are considering Index fund, ETFs, bond fund, pension fund and other currency investment tools. In addition, PAMCO is setting up also the first Real Estate Fund in Vietnam, which is projected to operate in early 2014.