Asset 1.1 > Capital markets

PAMCO’s capital market team manages investments in listed equities on the Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi stock exchanges, and over-the-counter securities. Many of these investments are privately negotiated placements. The capital markets team primarily manages the holdings of the Pacific Balanced Investment Fund (PBF)

Asset 2.1 > Private equity

PAMCO’s private equity team manages investment into Vietnam’s growing body of small and medium-sized private enterprises. With 300,000 SMEs, often led by family-level entrepreneurs, Vietnam offers great potential for private equity investors. PAMCO is the top private equity investor in Vietnam, with a focus on companies that address the domestic consumer market. Investments take the […]

Asset 3.1 > Real estate

That’s PAMCO. Since 2011, PAMCO has consistently supported our expansion from the root as a mortgage/asset brokerage business through the introduction of new products and services, such as equity capital raising and real estate investment management Today, PAMCO’s real estate franchise comprises three distinct yet integrated businesses: banking, investing and lending. Our senior real estate […]

Asset 4.1 > Fixed income

PAMCO’s debt market trading is a small but important component of its integrated asset management offerings. Vietnam’s total debt market reached USD15.3bn in 2010, or 15.1 percent of GDP. Vietnam’s sovereign bonds yields are higher than other nations at a similar risk rating.

Asset 5.1 > Venture capital

PAMCO’s venture capital team is focused on investment into the emerging technology and media market. Vietnam possesses demographic, educational and labour market characteristics that indicate the potential for explosive growth of technology and media start-ups. The venture capital team is composed of recognised management consulting and investment leaders in Vietnam’s high-tech scene.